JCB Solutions, LLC. Precision Competition, Sporting and Hunting Muzzle Devices Made in the U.S.A.

Here are some of the most common questions I get and I hope this section will help a little in your search and research.  I will continually update this section as new and valuable questions come up.

Question.  Is PayPal the only payment method you offer?

  A.  No, I also take credit or debit card payment over the phone as well. PayPal is currently the only processing company that hasn't decided my products "don't align with their principles". I readily take credit card or debit card orders over the phone between 9am. to 6pm. 7 days a week. my number is 480 352 7868.

Question: What finish do you use on your brakes?

  A.  I now, as of 2022, proudly utilize H&M Black Nitride as my coating provider for an industry standard and leader in Nitride coating.

Question.  Do you really make all the brakes you sell?

  A.  Absolutely, All my brakes are made right here in Arizona.  I outsource the Black Nitride coating process locally to H&M Black Nitride for a superior, industry standard finish.

Question.  Are your brakes in stock, or made to order?

  A.  I keep a comfortable inventory of finished brakes on hand and ready to ship at all times.  I do not offer anything for sale unless it is in my possession and ready to mail out that day.  If it shows zero inventory, rest assured, I am quickly working to refill my stock levels of that particular part.

Question:  Do you offer custom brakes or machining as a service?

  A. Sadly no. I am only offering my "standard" line of brakes.  I honestly do not have the time to make or offer one-off brakes. I also cannot and will not make a clone or copy of someone else's designs.

Question.  What are your shipping times?

  A.  I guarantee same day shipping on everything. 7 days a week. no exceptions.  I'm in Arizona and I drop off the day's orders at 4:30 my time daily.  I offer a choice of USPS  First Class which is between 1-3 days depending on distance and Priority Mail which is generally 2-5 days, again, depending on the distance from AZ.

Question.  Do you make stainless brakes?

  A.  No. sadly I don't offer stainless currently. Stainless is more time consuming and goes thru inserts and bits much faster.  Its getting tricky keeping up with my volume independently currently and that is sadly an avenue I cant go down at this time.

Question.  Do you offer any different thread pitches?

  A.  No, I only make my brakes in the more "standard" and broadly used 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 pitch. there is just too large a variety of new thread pitches that are showing up on a smaller scale now and its impossible to maintain stock of every newer thread pitch coming out in the market.  I have to stick with the "95%" right now so I don't pull my hair out or have a stroke.

Question.  How do you handle returns?

  A.  I try to keep that simple. If for any reason you have an issue, or just changed your mind, call or email me. I accept returns for 30 days.  I generally handle returns by refunding your purchase price once I get verification from you with the tracking number of the item and that its en-route back to me.

Question. Do you do distributorships or offer bulk pricing?

  A.  I don't have distributors. I prefer to sell direct.  If you are interested in bulk quantities, feel free to call me, I can offer discount pricing, but at my current price points, I cannot go to "made in china" prices, but I can work out fair pricing for bulk inquiries.