JCB Solutions, LLC. Precision Competition, Sporting and Hunting Muzzle Devices Made in the U.S.A.


STEP 1 :  Insert take-down pin tool thru both take-down holes until the hole in the tool lines up with the hole on the receiver.

STEP 2 :  Insert spring and pin thru the tool and into the receiver.

STEP 3 :  Use a small punch as close to the diameter of the pin and hole as possible to depress and insert the spring and  pin fully into the receiver.

STEP 4 :  While the pin and spring are fully depressed by the punch, gently rotate up or down until the pin is captured in the receiver by the tool.

STEP 5 :  Use the take-down pin to slowly push out the tool. As the take down pin advances thru, the set pin will snap into place into the take-down pin.  Done.