JCB Solutions, LLC. Precision Competition, Sporting and Hunting Muzzle Devices Made in the U.S.A.

 About Me: 

Wow. What a crazy year. 2022 also marks my official 11 years and going strong.  From my humble beginnings working out of my garage on manual machines to CNC (still working out of my garage) but… with lots of fancy new tools now.

A huge thank you to all my customers and friends that have helped make all this possible. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to everyone that has supported me in one way or another.

I am a retired engineer that happens to be an avid firearms enthusiast and machinist.   I started making muzzle brakes for myself because I couldn't believe the prices the big manufacturers were charging for such a small part because they had a fancy name brand logo on the side. I fired up my milling machine and got to work creating my own brakes for my own personal setups.

 High cost does NOT dictate quality.   I strive to maintain a fair and realistic price point for all my products. I am able to do this because I’m not worried about, or hamstrung by a big advertising budget, overhead and employees. It’s just me, in my garage… making brakes.  

    After some friends got hold of a few designs for testing and input on their function, all I heard from them is "Man, you need to start selling these." or "how much for you to make me one?"  I put some up on E-bay, and they sold as fast as I could put them up and the rest is history. Later, a ton of design changes, testing and more testing, and I came up with my own line of functional, custom, Made in the U.S.A. muzzle brakes and devices.

    I design and field test all my brakes with the help and input from a large range of friends that range from casual plinkers to competition shooters, and every range in between.  Although there is enough info and opinions on what makes a great brake, there is no real "one brake fits all" that's why I make a large variety of offerings, to make sure you can fit a brake to YOUR application.

From my standard brakes, to Tunable and now, recently introduced Self Timing brakes. I am continuing to expand my humble product line far into the future.

Due to Federal ATF laws, I cannot ship outside of the United States. I can, and only will ship to U.S.A.  Zip Codes only.

Thanks for stopping by.  Jason.