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308 ELR

308 ELR


Outside Diameter:  Body .923" Nut .984"

Length: 2-1/2"

Weight: 2.35 oz.

Finish: Black Nitride coating.

Standard 5/8" x 24  Thread.

Caliber: All 30 caliber.

300 Blackout, .308 win, 30-06, 300PRC thru 300 Win. Mag.

Material: A311 Steel.


Please NOTE: New Bear Creek barrels, CVA and Bergara owners.  Be advised that recently, sometimes the barrel thread pitch you will receive on your rifle will not match the thread pitch listed on their sites and spec sheets.  I have now encountered two different thread pitches that differ from their listed specs.
This can be very frustrating. Please physically verify your thread pitch before ordering to avoid any undue complications or issues.
Thanks everybody!

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